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Hi im emerald. Just live life alright.. shit doesnt have to be so complicated all the time. Lol
03.11.12 0

Tonight f*xking sucks
And I don’t even care about typos

02.18.12 1

Erin is asking if you’d like to be gang banged by gorillas

02.10.12 2

tails we go to paris, and try our hand at romance

call it in the air

01.24.12 0

"Sheesh, you’re one helluca throughly infuriating bastard"

01.20.12 0
WtF FUCK ME I Just want some Fucking sleep!!!!!!!
01.19.12 2
"Betrayal leaves a wound far worse than any sword. Regardless of the reason, it can never be justified. The pain of betrayal remains in the traitor’s heart and it never goes away."
01.18.12 0
Let me sink with you and carry the weight
01.18.12 0
Fire, a blanket, light classical music, a dog by my side and sweet little Z playing with miscellaneous toys…. Relaxing day :)

Work at 6.

01.11.12 0
Aquarium Sink-aka, Badass
01.05.12 72